EverCrack Caesar Cipher Cracker

The EverCrack Caesar Cipher Cracker implements a simple brute-force

key attack to produce the correct decryption. However, it does not output

all possilbe deocodes [25 in this case]. Instead, it rotates the letters of

the first word by 1, tests if that word is in the dictionary, and if so, con-

tinues on to the next word [continually checking words against dictionary].

Otherwise, it goes back to the first word and tries the next rotatation,

2 - this repeats until a full decode is found.

The cracker will fail if any of the words in the message are not in the

dictionary - this is rare. Ido have it set so it only checks the first couple

words. I couldn't leave it at just checking the first word because sometimes

a fluke decode will resul that is not consistent with the rest of the message.

Checking all the words take longer [not much] but is more likely to result

in a word not being in the dictionary [hence no decode].

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