To obtain a challenging position in software design, with special interest in web technologies.

Languages & Technologies

C : C++ : JavaScript : PHP : PERL : BASH


Apache Server : MySQL

Linux [ Mandrake / Ubuntu ]

Professional Experience

Media General [ Jan 2006 - Mar 2007 ]

Title: Lead Interactive Applications Developer

Developed and maintained PERL scripts that processed classifieds feeds for print to web publication.

Created web page templates using MDW's Template Manager and the MTL DB Query language.

Facilitated the upgrade of hardware and software assets.

Developed special purpose tools.

Provided technical support for the Publishing System, Classifieds and ColdFusion applications.

Documented projects and procedures on the community Wiki.

Open Source Development [ Continual ]

Title: Project Administrator

Developed the EverCrack (GPL) Open Source Cryptanalysis Engine.

Kernel is a rule-based system employing backtracking, depth-first binary search and AI algorithms.

Algorithmic performance is O(log n) efficient.

Cryptanalyzes up to 4000 words in miliseconds (handles ciphers in 8 different languages).

The application toolset is hosted on SourceForge and the Free Software Foundation.

Linnovation, LLC [ Mar 2002 - Mar 2004 ]

Title: Lead Application Developer

One of three partners that started an IT business focusing on application / web development.

Worked on a medical application for use by physicians treating patients with spinal-cord related injuries.

Designed the GUI, security, flow control and dynamic report generator.

Performed the useability / unit / integration testing and debugging for QA.

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